Navigating the course

The Dashboard is the starting point for navigating the site.

Select your course image, then Continue Learning where all of the monthly subjects will appear. Keep a note of the site link and your login details, you will need these each time you access the course.

Subjects and quizzes will be locked until their release date (Padlock). Select the active subject/s and follow the lessons, you can download any resources attached to each lesson.

On completion of each subject, you should select 'MARK AS COMPLETE', for your own reference. This will not affect future access to the lesson.

Pressing the Dashboard link will always take you back to your starting page.

When viewing a lesson in your computer screen, you can expand the text by clicking the white arrow in the top bar next to the course name.


For enquiries regarding the course content:
Contact: Eric McGough

For enquiries regarding technical issues or accounts:
Contact: Webmaster

Your Password

To change your password, go to Dashboard, and select Settings from the left hand panel. Then go to Password.

You can view or edit your profile and add a profile image, however, no other students will see this.

Choose the activity option to view your recent activity and course progress.

In the Dashboard option you can see the statistics for each assignment and quiz, and your course progress.

Your Progress

Each Leesson and test quiz is for guidance and self-assessment purposes only.

You will only be graded on the three-part Final Examination at the end of the course.
The final score will be based on the collective results of all three quizzes, so if Quiz 1 shows as a fail, you can make it up on the next quizzes.

Learning Management System

Please note that the site software is brand new, and functionality will be constantly monitored, and may be subject to change if required. Our aim is to provide a simple and accessible learning environment, leaving you to focus and study Theosophy without technical distractions.


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